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Lucy's favorite gems

Tourmaline Sugarloaf Cabochons 5mm

Multicolour Tourmaline Sugarloaf Cabochons in 5mm

Well they’re tourmaline, really need I say more?  But the colours of these just pop – I took out any that were less than gorgeous and added them to my little reject pile!  Rounded corners, and perfectly flat bases make these stunners pretty simple for bezel setting too!

Peridot and Rhodolite Kite Cut Collection

The colours of these stones is nothing short of spectacular for the size.  The peridots are truly stunning – a bold lime green that we’ll be unlikely to find again!

Perfectly flat bases as usual for easy setting, plus we had them cut extra deep to give the corners that little bit more durability.

Peridot and rhodolite garnet kite cut gemstones
12 carats of brilliant cut tourmalines

Colourful Round Brilliant Cut Tourmalines

Oufff – what is not to love about these, and judging by the feedback from our customers – they feel the same way too!

The colours of these are as incredible as the price, you’re going to love them I know it!

Lemon Quartz and Mother of Pearl Rose Cuts

These look way more expensive than they are!! The colour is so zingy they make your mouth water just looking at them. The lemon quartz top is backed by a layer of mother of pearl which not only gives the stone a magical sheen, but also makes these gems perfect for closed back settings

Lemon quartz and mother of pearl cushion rose cut 10mm

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