Saw Pierced Design Template - Art Deco

Saw Pierced Design Template - Art Deco
Saw Pierced Design Template - Art Deco

Saw Pierced Design Template - Art Deco
Saw Pierced Design Template - Art Deco

Saw Pierced Design Template - Art Deco

Art Deco Saw Piercing Template Pack


  • Over 65 individual design variations based on 10 Art Deco inspired themes.
  • See images for designs included in the pack.
  • This pack is for designs only, there are no classes or instructions included with the download.
  • For more information on saw piercing check out our saw pierced pendant online class.


Metalsmithing and making jewellery is so much fun….. creative block is a pain in the butt!

Art Deco inspired template pack for saw piercing practice.

We understand how hard it can be just to get going when it comes to designing, especially if you’re just getting started on this whole jewellery making journey. Sometimes the ideas aren’t flowing at all, other times, it’s the total opposite and there are too many ideas. Either way creative block is a real issue that can be hard to deal with and I don’t want you to get stuck there, with that blank page. The most important advice I can share, and I can’t shout it loud enough, is that it’s important just to start! Stop thinking and start doing, the ideas will come naturally and easily eventually.

But I know that is easier said than done. So, we put together our template packs to help you just get started. Included in this downloadable pack are over 65 individual templates based around 10 Art Deco themes. We hope you’ll find these a massive help in getting started creating your own designs. Some of the templates are ideal for simply saw piercing, others work well for adding stone settings to, or soldering on additional elements. But they are all a starting point and they’re ready for you to make them your own. And hopefully as you begin working on our templates, you’ll find that sooner or later your own ideas will begin to flow. Just check out the images above to see the exact designs included in the pack.

This Art Deco inspired template pack was designed for us by Sandra Elizabeth ( You can use the designs to make and sell jewellery with no credit required at all. However, the designs are for your personal use alone and are not to be shared with others. The template is in the form of a downloadable PDF which will be immediately available for download upon purchase.


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